Pixel 8 Pictures


William was born and worked in London and studied and trained as a photographer covering a diverse range of assignments including fashion, food, motorsport and architectural photography. However, photographing people was always where his strengths lay.

As well as possessing an uncompromising eye for detail and quality, William was often described by friends and colleagues, as a strong communicator and his ability to set people at ease whilst enjoying his photography with his clients quickly became his trademark. William realized that photographing weddings encompassed a range of his previously acquired skills.

What is photography if not a form of communication?

A passion for photography was quickly followed by one for motorsport which allowed William to travel to motor racing circuits in the UK and Europe, photographing F1, Moto GP and Motorcross, including the people behind the the industry.

William was professionally dark room trained, printing his own Black and White images, for both studio and commercial commissions, and learned the old fashioned printing techniques. The switch to digital photography has liberated him allowing him to develop his own style of photography and postproduction techniques, however he is still forthright in the belief of getting the image right at the capture stage.

"In my opinion available light photography is the most exquisitely beautiful of all light sources, however it has a habit of being unavailable at times, and the craft of any professional photographer will always be tested in such circumstances", however this is where William feels most comfortable, hopefully producing images that withstand the test of time.